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I turned 31!

And to celebrate, my sweets came all the way to L.A. to be with me for my birthday.  We had a delicious dinner in Manhattan Beach, walked around town, practiced my dialogue together, a lot, ate hot fudge sundaes, drank special coffee drinks, laid on the beach, got my bangs trimmed, practiced more dialogue, and kept careful watch of the Manhattan Beach citizenry from the pier. It was the best weekend!

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Goodbye New York

7 Years is a long relationship. I grew up in this city, and now I am moving on.  I am taking with me so many tools to move me through the next phases of my life.  I loved New York, and look forward to all the memories that lay ahead.

I had my first Bikram yoga class in Hyannis, MA, but I began my yoga journey in Brooklyn, NY.  The studio is small, old, carpeted, and poetically diverse.  Choosing to become certified to teach Bikram yoga is not poetic or inspiring to me, it is just the next natural step.  It has been my next step for many years.  Being able to take the step is the beauty of it all.

Goodbye to each and every apartment I lived in, whether 1 week, or 3 years.

Goodbye to Robin and Erin, who I think are the coolest Bikram teachers around.

Goodbye to Breezy Point, Chumley’s, Wall Street, and the West Village.

Goodbye to waitressing, writing, acting, and all the things we do for our art.

Goodbye to jobs I hated and jobs I loved.

Goodbye to brunch with friends.

Goodbye to roommates, old and new, and to those I will see again soon.

Goodbye to Franklin Avenue, Prospect Park, Eastern Parkway, and to the streets and the people that made my neighborhood my home.

Harry, take care of yourself.  Mr. & Mrs. Pak, thank you for being so kind. I don’t care about any of my ruined dry cleaning, short hems, or stained shirts. Thank you for accepting all of my packages and thank you for your garden every year.

Goodbye Breuklin, Bruekelen, Brooklyn Coffee Shop. Your lattes are very good 88% of the time, but it was playing cards on the weekends with my Sweets that I enjoyed the most.

Goodbye to new friends I have made, from all walks of life. I am moving away, but we will stay friends.  Or you will have to find a polite way to tell me to stop harrassing you.

Goodbye to all the fun I have had with my Sweets here in NY, we will visit again soon.

Goodbye to the subway, and all the kids who are selling candy. Not for no basketball team, but to make some extra money and do something positive with their spare time….

Goodbye and see you soon!

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