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I moved across country and tonight attended my new yoga studio for the first time. Not only that, but I made my way navigating the bus system through a brand new city! How empowering!

I miss my old studio in Park Slope, Brooklyn, but this has been a true exercise in letting go of expectations.  I have always put my mat in the same place in the room-which, as it happens, is directly in line with the breeze when they open the door a crack just before I vomit or die. I attended my home studio for 7 years.  I knew who I would see at the 6pm class, the weekend  classes, and all the usuals coming and going before and after class. It wasn’t intentional, but I made mental notes of the teachers I liked (and disliked) and planned my week accordingly. And, if I’m not getting nostalgic enough, just a quick word on the carpeting- I miss it! I miss the way it feels and I miss the way it makes the whole studio smell “close”, and the way they attempt to cover up the sweaty mustiness with lavender-soothing freshness. It’s familiar.

In the weeks before my move, I decided to practice every day, which was new for me since I’m normally a 3 time-a-weeker. I learned a lot. Iearned that the running list of elements that had to be just right in order for me to go to yoga that day, were my own obstacles. I will share a few here:

  • Too tired
  • Didnt drink enough water today
  • Really don’t like the teacher tonight
  • Havent pooped yet (sorry but true)
  • Not feeling 100%
  • Didnt plan my meals well today and maybe will be too full/hungry

This list does, indeed, go on.

In my new studio today, I felt completely lost.  This studio did not have carpet! It was like gymnasium floor (not one of those wooden ones from elementary school, more like specially imported recycled materials used in olympic training facilities.  I felt very pressured to work hard.). The students formed three rows. Three! The heat seemed to be coming from every angle instead of from a vent overhead.  I had no idea where to put my mat, where the cool spots where, or where the breeze would come from. As it turned out, the breeze did not come. They didn’t open a door ONCE! (full disclosure: there was a fan, and it wasn’t even that hot. But it’s like I said, you get used to things).

One day this studio will become normal too, but I will never stop missing the joy from the breeze of the door being opened a crack. If this practice doesn’t make you appreciate the little things, then I don’t know what you’re doing for 90 minutes.

Without the familiarity of my old studio and everything I was accustomed to, I had to completely let go of my expectations. I realized that the one familiar thing in there was me! I listened to my body, and it remembered right where we left off. I can still do it! Even in a new place! I still have muscles and bones and joints and ligaments. It was all still there. I did the same 26 postures and I still sucked at the ones I suck at. I couldnt have been happier. There I was. Me! Just in a new place.

It is a good lesson that sometimes, our bodies take our minds somewhere new, but it is with you every step of the way. And in just a few weeks, I will be practicing in a new space in L.A., with 400+ other bikram yogis.  I can’t wait to show them how freakin’ awesome I am at standing bow.

(those of you who know me, know I have the flexibility of a metal clothes hanger- it’s a tough bend).


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Hello Seattle!

…and all the good things ahead!

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